According to media reports, former actor Nathan Chasing Horse has now been arrested for sexually abusing young people. He is accused of raping at least six girls.

Former actor Nathan Chasing Horse has been arrested after a raid on his home. He is said to have been the leader of the cult “The Circle” for years. He is also suspected of having sexually abused several indigenous girls, his youngest victim was only 13 years old. He is also said to have organized meetings of other men with the underage victims.

Nathan Chasing Horse had made a name for himself as a medicine man and stayed in Canada as well as the USA. He was banned from the US state of Montana in 2015 after being accused of human trafficking.

He became known as “Smiles a lot” in the film “Dances With Wolves”, after which he played a few smaller roles. Now he is to be tried in the USA.

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