About this “RG” said Alexey Mazus, chief specialist of the Department of health of Moscow on the problems of diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection, Professor, doctor of medical Sciences.

Alex Izrailevich than an interesting new screening program?

Alexey Mazus: First of all, the fact that such a megapolis as Moscow, the first in the world started as a large-scale study with a new, unknown infection. By itself, a test based on enzyme immunoassay of blood is fairly well known. In fact, the whole diagnosis of infectious diseases depends on it. Working with him we have been. During a broad examination of Muscovites did it even in the parks. What is its value? This test allows to identify not only the disease itself, but also its phase. And it is the only laboratory method that allows to carry out massive research on a particular infection. What else is important? Immunoassay method can be used not only for disease diagnosis but also for assessment of immunity to him from the city. We can now make up to half a million tests in a week and continue to increase their number.

Did city officials threatened on the testing of all 12 million people?

Alexey Mazus: No sights, and offered to make Muscovites of the usual test. For Moscow and Muscovites, which are used to monitor their health, is the norm.

the First 70 thousand SMS sent to the citizens. How should they respond?

Alexey Mazus: They need to make an appointment to donate blood at the nearest clinic, the address of which is specified in the message on the phone, not to create a queue. Then at the appointed time to come back and take the test. As a result the person will know whether he was sick already by the coronavirus and can be sick right now. Deceit infection is that 80% it is asymptomatic. People think that they are healthy, walking the streets, infecting friends. The test will show that he is dangerous to others.

You said the immunity of the city. When we can assume that it is?

Alexey Mazus: it is believed that the proportion of the population is not susceptible to infection, should reach 60%. But today we are dealing with infection which is more contagious than three times or more than the flu. Therefore, it is important to know how many people already had and got immunity.Those who have it formed, you can start to fully work, and the authorities will be able to gradually to gradually remove restrictive measures. The only way the city can return to a regular rhythm with minimal losses to health of Muscovites.