– the Relocation to a new paragraph, which has direct access to the Central part of the Caspian sea, provided year-round navigation. It gives considerable advantages in organization of combat training of the fleet in comparison with the conditions at the same location in the Astrakhan region at the mouth of the river Volga, – said the commander of the flotilla rear Admiral Sergei Pinchuk.

In the Astrakhan region in recent years, record drop in sea level, besides the winter, the local waters often freeze. The combination of these and other factors influenced the decision to relocate the fleet in Dagestan.

It is of strategic importance for socio-economic development of the Republic. Now in the region in addition to the military facilities being built housing, schools and kindergartens for families of sailors. Built mol – hydraulic engineering protective structures to protect the basin from waves.

the Caspian has arrived the first Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Mikhail Babich. He visited a military town, where already built four residential buildings with 528 apartments to military personnel of the flotilla. Flats built under the key – the apartments are furnished and provided with equipment.

With full trim and equipment the cost of square meter in apartments for the military was only 46 thousand rubles. Russian President set the task to transfer the flotilla is not only not worsened, but improved social and utility infrastructure of the city. And we in a short time build schools, kindergartens and even nurseries, – said the head of the region Vladimir Vasiliev.

As said Mikhail Babich, the Main military construction Directorate of the defense Ministry, according to the instructions of the President, is building on the territory of the Republic has 74 social facility cost 13 billion rubles. According to the Minister of construction and housing RD Malik Balieva, orders received Dagestani contractors, taxes go to the local budget. Building materials are purchased also in the Republic.

– To ensure the social infrastructure of the Caspian, taking into account the relocation of built 16 objects over $ 5.5 billion nine schools in 6048 seats, six kindergartens on 1370 places, and one children’s facility. Some of the objects is completed. In addition, on the territory of the military camp of the Ministry of defense of Russia took a decision to build a school on 1224 place. Work will begin this year, commissioning is scheduled for the following, explained Begliev.

Now the population of the city exceeds 100 thousand people, about 40 thousand will be added after the full redeployment of the flotilla.

– On the Republican budget and development of design and estimate documentation for the provision of clean water districts 7, 8, 10 and 11, where there is the most active construction. You must also complete the second ochered’s project to create wastewater treatment plants with a capacity increase from 30 to 60 thousand cubic meters per day. It is necessary to clear the lake from which the supply to the Caspian, to reconstruct the pumping station, urban backbone networks, to finish the pipeline Makhachkala – Kaspiysk – Izberbash – added Begliev.

the Last object is being built already for decades, largely depends on the ecological state of the Caspian sea, which is now dumped millions of cubic meters of untreated sewage. Special attention given to Makhachkala urban agglomeration, which includes the Caspian sea, perhaps, will accelerate the realization of this project.

the Ministry of defence, among other things, erected in Kaspiysk multifunctional medical center with 76 beds. The hospital has modern equipment for carrying out anesthesia, endoscopy, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, and CT scanner, x-ray machines, and ventilators. The institution is fully prepared to work and opens after of staffing.

Babich said that the Caspian is a separate instruction of the head of state and government of the Russian Federation – to provide the area with social infrastructure. Moreover, this is done in the interests of both servicemen and civilians. He proposed that the Republic’s leadership to identify the issues to be taken into account when planning the budget cycle.

development program In blended and Makhachkala international airport, which is located even closer to the Caspian than to the capital of Dagestan. In 2014, there was completed reconstruction of the airfield complex. Due to this, in recent years, ridership grew 3.5 times. The existing infrastructure is already unable to cope with the influx, so investors have decided to start reconstruction of the airport terminal. Its capacity will be 150 passengers per hour. Construction work will be completed this fall, the entire paragraph will be equipped by June 2021-th.

the Relocation of the Caspian flotilla in Dagestan has had a direct impact on the work of the air Harbor. A significant increase in the number of flights of the state aircraft resulted in additional stress on its infrastructure. Therefore, within the airport is planned to allocate the military sector to host a squadron of the Caspian flotilla of the Navy. General Director of the airport Arsen Pirmuhamedov said at a meeting with the head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Babich, now transport facility is also used for the deployment of technology Regardie, FSB and Ministry of emergency situations on duty here is a fighter unit.

it is Expected that by 2021, the use of airfield infrastructure will reach maximum, and she ��can not meet the needs of the region. As noted by Pirmuhamedov, given the increase in civilian flights and growth of passenger traffic, requires a second runway.

– we Also need a new main taxiways and 17 Parking lots, – said the Director of the company. New runway length 3200 meters with good bearing capacity to allow the air port to accept planes of any types. The existing runway length of 2640 meters then will be used as the main taxiway.

He said that the construction of the runway and terminal will help to increase passenger numbers with one and a half to five million people a year. Arsen Pirmuhamedov asked Mikhail Babich to support the implementation of the project, which will be of great importance for Dagestan and the whole of southern Russia.

by the Way, this initiative involves not only the reconstruction of the airport, but the appearance on its territory hubs. It will include passenger terminals, long distance bus station and train passenger platform connecting track from the airport to the station Manas. The project also includes the organization of cargo traffic as with the cities of the Republic and neighboring regions. The reconstruction will allow to expand geography of flights. Among the planned areas – tel Aviv, Baku, Tehran, Israel, Hainan, Sochi, Mineralnye Vody and Tyumen. Michael Babich has declared its readiness to support the modernization plans of the air Harbor. .

Requires updates and other large transport hub of the Republic – Makhachkala sea trading port. It is the southernmost ice-free port of Russia, which gives him the opportunity to work all year round. Now this is one of the most important strategic elements of the transport system of the South of Russia related to the States of Central Asia, the Caucasus and Iran. Includes dry cargo Harbor transshipment complex with a capacity of three million tons per year and oil harbour with a capacity of approximately eight million tons per year with berths for receiving tankers with the capacity of 13 thousand tons. In 2019 the turnover in comparison with 2018 has increased 1.8 times.

the port said Mikhail Babich about problems. First of all we are talking about the low capacity of roads leading to the port. The Minister of transport and road economy RD Shirukhan of Hadjimuradov proposed to build a separate driveway from the highway of Federal importance Astrakhan – Kochubey – Kizlyar – Makhachkala along the coastal line of the Caspian sea.

– the Task of economic development – to do everything that a port has taken a worthy place in the infrastructure not only of Dagestan but of the whole country. “North – South” – an important transport corridor. Trading p shipping��ti give impetus to the development of the whole Republic, – said Mikhail Babich.