the emergence of the so-called amendments Tereshkova, which allows the incumbent President to run again, due to the need to stabilize the political system. In an interview with RBC said the co-Chairman of the working group on amendment of the Constitution, the head of the Committee on constitutional legislation of the Federation Council Andrey Klishas.

“To make the system work, the people, first and foremost, a political class, government officials, parliamentarians, and major policy, government members should stop thinking about the transfer, he explained. — They must cease to speculate on who will be there successor, when it happens and so forth.”

According to Klishas, officials and politicians “in a sense, needs to get used to the idea that then it will be all the same, that the President can be elected again if people will support these amendments to the Constitution”.

It makes Putin “in a sense, the main guarantor for most citizens.” To fight the personification of power, it was decided to amend the Basic law, increase the powers of the constitutional authorities.

“So the President makes the political system more stable. The system should not depend so heavily on someone who in this case is the President”, — said Klishas.

In an interview with RBC working group co-Chairman also spoke about the amendments to the Constitution connected with God, the historical truth and marriage and also praised the work of the Federation Council.

In March, during the discussion of amendments to the Constitution in the state Duma by the Deputy from “United Russia” Valentina Tereshkova offered to an amendment of the presidential terms. According to her, the proposed bill a rule about no more than two presidential terms “does not preclude the person holding and (or) holding the office of President at the time of entry of the amendment into force, to participate as a candidate in the presidential elections” after the amendments in the basic law in force.