Klishas Amendments to the Constitution are in demand because of their soznatelnost

According to the research poll, 66% of Russians have expressed their desire to participate in the national vote on amending the Constitution, 50% intend to support the amendment.

“the High level of interest of citizens to participate in voting on amendments to the Constitution speaks of the public request that the regulation that propose amendments. The demand for the amendments is because they are aimed at improving the quality of life of each person”, – said Klishas told reporters.

the Senator believes the main drivers affecting the change in the Basic law, “are their social orientation, focus on the implementation of the request of the people in the state’s social policy”.

He recalled that all the amendments were developed based on real needs of the society and taking into account the views of professional communities. “The result we see a high level of support of the amendments by the people”, – concluded Klishas.