Russia has no right to celebrate the day of Victory over Nazism, said on the air Еспресо.TV former Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.

“Russia is using this day to mobilize and unleash the new war”, – said the former head of the Ukrainian diplomacy. He said that Ukrainians should remain vigilant and not to succumb to the “historical provocations” from Moscow.

In Ukraine, may 8 note established in March 2015, the Day of memory and reconciliation. So the country adopted Western European tradition to celebrate the victory over Nazi Germany. However, Ukrainians continue to celebrate the Victory Day on 9 may, but the main events dedicated to the date of the end of the war, at the state level held on 8 may.

Russia has repeatedly stated that some countries are trying to rewrite history. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that the Russian Federation is obliged to ensure the preservation of the truth about the great Patriotic war and to resist attempts to falsify its history.

the Russian leader said that attempts to rewrite history and to equate the liability of the Soviet Union and Germany beginning of world war II committed in order to get Russia to justify.

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