This is very sad, not least for all the talented and creative staff, our, now lose his job. It says hovudeigar in Ricco Vero, Finn Einar Kvamme,

It was the imf which first publicized the issue. The company has lost around 10 million in turnover since 12. march.

Ricco Vero has headquarters in Olden in Stryn municipality, and has 11 shops around in Norway. There are more than 80 years ago, the family Kvamme started with skreddarverksemd, and the current bedriftsleiing is the third generation of owners.

It is primarily the corona. Since Norway shut down we have not sold any, ” says Kvamme.

according to the newspaper Fjordingen, there are almost 60 employees that shall be met by the failure

Went with profit before koronaviruset

Kvamme stated that the company was well on the way before koronatiltaka was put in for a couple of weeks ago. In the last year even the profit on the three million in profit, and so far this year was the even better way.

Marginane has been small in recent years, but we were optimistic. When all of no, stop completely absorbed, so lost we quickly very a lot of money,

In 2017 went a different motebedrift from Stryn Moods of Norway, bankrupt.