the same court, same kitchen, same Jury that there was never in the case of “Kitchen Impossible” (Vox)!

the Clear thing for the host, Tim Mälzer: “This is now the direct comparison, without If and But.” Up until now, stood between Tim Mälzer (49) and Tim Raue (45), there was the same.

Sunday night should be the Battle with the fifth-Brat-the final kitchen battle.

Tim against Tim Mälzer (l.) and Rough had the same menu cook photo: TVNOW/PA/Frank May

usually the competitors have to send in the cooking Show each other all over the world, to master there, as heavy tasks.

This Time, Maltster and Rough got the same Challenge served: Schnitzel with potato salad. Should be for a professional chef, but there is really no Problem, is it? No!

In Austria, the Schnitzel brought the two chefs to the box of despair! The challenge: A soufflierte breading. The batter stands in while frying the meat, so that it encloses it like a balloon. Also for the star quite a challenge to chefs. But Brewer wasn’t even him, he wouldn’t try every Trick in the book.