Pop star Jürgen Drews will retire from show business. His wife Ramona supports this decision. He is already enjoying the peace and quiet at home – anyway, the Mallorca singer has changed in recent years, says the 48-year-old.

Ramona Drews (48), wife of pop singer Jürgen Drews (77), who is about to end his career, has noticed changes in her husband in recent years. “Jürgen has already changed in recent years. He has become much calmer, which I like very much,” she told the “Bild”.

He was always on the go and always gave 100 percent. “He was living life in the fast lane,” said Ramona Drews. “Now everything is completely relaxed. This deceleration is very good for him.”

The interpreter of “Ein Bett im Kornfeld” announced at the weekend that he wanted to say goodbye to the stage at the end of the year. His last appearance should be seen in one of the hit shows with presenter Florian Silbereisen (40) in the fall. At the end of May he had already declared that he wanted to step down for the time being. He reported suffering from the nervous disease polyneuropathy.

“I think his decision is exactly right,” said Ramona Drews now the “image”. It certainly won’t be boring. “He really enjoys the rest and the time at home and I can say one thing: he or we never get bored.”

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