He was the “King of Mallorca”: Jürgen Drews shaped the hit scene on the Ballermann like no other. Colleagues and companions react sadly to his imminent end of career: “I can’t hide the fact that it’s madness,” explains Ballermann singer Lorenz Büffel to RTL: “We all had pee in our eyes.”

Drews would have played a decisive role in his current career: “This man has shaped everything I can do here as a small mood singer like no other,” he says: “The king of Mallorca is the king of Mallorca, there will be no give more to others. He will be missed…”

His colleague, the Ballermann singer Mia Julia, is shocked by the impending farewell to Jürgen Drews: “It’s tough for the Mallorca scene, he’s the king,” she says in an interview with RTL. But she can understand that the singer has to draw a line: “I wish Jürgen a lot of health, that he really enjoys the peace and quiet, that he can rest and look back and hopefully he will also be aware of what he has created here and who he really is.” The 35-year-old already has a guess as to who Jürgen Drews could inherit as the future king of Mallorca: “I think that Jürgen will pass the crown on to Mickie Krause.”

In fact, Drews had already wanted the 52-year-old as his successor. “I think Mickie is the right one for this title,” said Drews of “Bild”. Krause, in turn, paid tribute to Drews on Instagram: “It’s amazing how much power you had and how you kept going full throttle,” he enthuses in the text next to two pictures together: “You more than deserve to retire , You deserve to enjoy your life even more!” He is grateful for the time together, he continues: “You are and will remain the king of Mallorca, and together we are the kings of hearts!”

Master hairdresser and singer Tim Toupet also remembers the time together with Jürgen Drews on Instagram: “We met Ramona in the sauna in 1998, I was allowed to do your hair beautifully for a long time, you accompanied me from day one and ! ALWAYS ! encouraged,” he writes about a photo of the 77-year-old: “Jürgen, you are one of the few real idols. Thank you for everything and you deserve it. I wish you good health and enjoy every hour”.

On Saturday evening, Jürgen Drews announced the end of his career on the ARD show “Die Große Schlagerstrandparty” with Florian Silbereisen in front of almost 4.7 million viewers. The reason for the withdrawal is his illness: About a year ago, Drews announced that he was suffering from the nervous disease polyneuropathy. “It’s time to put my private life first,” said Drews in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”: “I’m not as resilient as I used to be, and I realize that it’s really good for me to be at home to be.”

However, the announcement of the farewell was more difficult for him than previously assumed: According to a report by “Bild”, Drews was shaken by a violent fit of crying on Saturday far away from the cameras. His wife Ramona and his manager Christine Gaydos also cried: “I went on stage really happy,” Drews explained to “Bild”: “Then I realized: This is my life, what I’m saying goodbye to here. And then it just came over me.”

Host Florian Silbereisen, in turn, said: “I’m not ashamed of my tears when such a cult star like Jürgen Drews says goodbye to the stage. It was just an incredibly emotional moment. We have experienced so many wonderful things together and he is an original that cannot simply be replaced.”

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