The news that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN is dead, 99% are true, said South Korean publication Yonhap, a former citizen of North Korea Chi sun Ho, who now works in the government of South Korea. According to him, officially, the death of the policy is not confirmed, because he can’t find a successor.

Chi sun Ho escaped from North Korea in 2006. Today he is an official of one of the legislative authorities in South Korea.

“Kim died last weekend”, he said, stressing that the death of the head of state, he was informed by competent sources that he called didn’t want.

According to him, North Korea is currently “faced with a difficult problem of succession”. Chi sun Ho sure that this circumstance is an obstacle to the official recognition of the tragedy. In his opinion, the most likely candidate for the country’s leader is Kim Yu-Jeong’s sister, Kim Jong – UN.

Trump made a statement about the state of Kim Jong-UN

The North Korean leader, according to “Rambler”, not appeared in public since April 11. In the media appeared information that the North Korean leader could die on the background of health problems. At the end of the month, special adviser to the President of South Korea in an interview with CNN said that Kim Jong UN is alive and well and is currently in the North Korean province of Wonsan.