Social Media platforms have a Problem with violent and violence-glorifying content. The latest case, the murder of the 17-year-old American female Bianca Devins from 14 shows. July. The alleged perpetrator is found photos of his victim into the net, went briefly viral.

Bianca Devins from Utica in the state of New York has been active on Instagram as Escty a small entourage (around 30’000 Followers), and was on the Forum and Chat platforms, 4chan, and Discord. Now your death is exactly on these platforms viral. The alleged offender, a 21-year-old man, the Devins on Instagram to know is to have found photos of the victim, among other things, on Instagram. A photo about show Devins corpse with the Headline “I’m sorry Bianca”. The photos spread fire quickly, and several times have been posted before on Monday, the operator of Instagram, and Discord interventions.

profile of the alleged perpetrator had been blocked has been blocked

The Instagram-profile of the alleged offender, as well as the Discord-channel, where the alleged perpetrator is in the photos provided. “We do everything Possible to remove such content from our platform,” says a spokesperson from Instagram. Too late, many who were on the case. The platforms are criticized for the view that it is not possible to prevent the spread.

The alleged perpetrator is tried for the Arrival of the police, to take his own life and is now in custody. (rgl)