The longer Kiev is unable to end the civil conflict in the South-East of the country, the more the image of the enemy in the face of Ukraine is created for the residents of Donbass, writes "Apostrophe".

As noted in the article, in the fall of 2020 in the DNI and LC will go to school children born in 2014 just after the start of the war. They will grow up with thoughts of ominous Ukraine and APU, who are killing residents of Donbass. Just think and adolescents, whose school years were in the midst of conflict.

According to journalists, thus, between the breakaway republics and the rest of Ukraine falls "iron curtain".

"the First term of Vladimir Zelensky will expire in 2024. And in the same year in the Donbass will leave school kids who came back parallel with the beginning of the war. "Programmed" generation will enter adulthood," the article says.

According to the authors, it is at the end of the first period Zelensky come to the end of time "released with Ukraine on the peaceful reintegration of Donbass".

"And then, if nothing will alter the course of events, Ukraine will inevitably face a choice: or forever to let go of the occupied territories, or to conquer" — journalists assume.

In their opinion, until this time, Kiev is unlikely to achieve great success in resolving the conflict. Even after the recent extra measures to ensure ceasefire in the region continuing skirmishes, they indicate. The Ukrainian government is not satisfied with the Minsk agreement, because they involve the holding of local elections to establish control over the border.

"In such a situation there is less time for any peaceful reintegration — both within the framework of existing agreements and their possible modernization," — the authors conclude.

Recently, the contact group agreed to additional measures to secure truce in the Donbass. They include a ban of offensive and acts of sabotage, fire, including sniper, the placement of weapons in the settlements and disciplinary liability for violation of the ceasefire.