the PSG’s goalkeeper Keylor Navas, in France, for the furrowed brows taken care of. The Costa Rican has, in spite of the strict coronamaatregelen that the French government has set up a good flight and are home made. That brought the sports channel ESPN on Sunday, to the outside.

On that trip, it would have a price of less than eur 200,000 have been. Navas took place in the company of his wife, Andrea Salas, and his three children, and the flight is twelve hours, and from Paris to the Costa Rican capital of San Jose.

The 33-year-old goalkeeper – who is the last season of the competition with Thibaut Courtois for Real Madrid and was responded to by a local radio station, Impact Radio on the news.

“We’re only human beings, and we are afraid of. I did this flight have opted for the peace of mind of having my own family. We want to be close to our family. We are putting our situation in God’s hands. He will have to take the lead, and again peace is possible. As humans, we need to unite ourselves, and with the rules of the state to follow.”

finally, Navas must now, as each and every Costa Rican who, at the coronacrisis to return to his native land, for at least two weeks in quarantine.

now that The Costa Rican is not the first time PSG player, who has returned to his home country. Earlier, left, Neymar, and Thiago Silva is already back in Brazil. They were, however, strict coronamaatregelen of the French government, came into force.