Hollywood Star Kevin Hart (40) is involved in an accident last Sunday in the Malibu Hills with his car. He came out of the roadway, crashed through a wooden fence and crashed into a three-Meter-deep slope. The first trees were able to slow him down finally.

Hart was injured so severely that he had to be Sunday night surgery, such as “TMZ” reports. Two breaks he should have in the chest and one in the spine.

severe pain

The intervention was successful. Still, the actor is suffering from severe pain. A well-Known Hart told “TMZ” that this is “through hell” and for a long time must be dealt with. Just the injury to the Spine still requires a long maintenance to prevent consequential damage such as paralysis. The Doctors were, however, good things that it is Hard better soon.

came up to the accident, the police is still a mystery. The influence of alcohol could be excluded. (bnr)