The Federal office of justice (FOJ) has set up a working group to clarify the need for action in child and adult protection law. It is all a matter of how closely related individuals are more involved in the procedures and Decisions of the child and adult protection authorities (Kesb).

The Federal Council has stated in his report the first experiences with the new child and adult protection law requires clarification in two respects.

How can it be ensured that related parties are not involved at all Decide the Kesb?How should be regulated the actions of the Kesb in the Presence of a danger message more specific? Opinions optimize options

looks for external evaluators came to the conclusion that there are two questions that need to be improved. In particular, the possibilities of Relatives to defend Decisions made on behalf of the Concerned legal action against the government could be improved.

A working group under the leadership of BJ now, as with a view to a possible Revision of the child and adult protection of the right to proceed is is to check.

in response to Anti-Kesb-Initiative

If required, should be drawn up a preliminary draft for a Revision of the child and adult protection law, and by the end of 2019 in the consultation will be sent.

Motivation for the Anti-Kesb is likely to be the Initiative, which was launched a year ago (LOOK told). This want automatically family members come to train, unless they want to, and it is not regulated in the Affected different. Only if weighty reasons against the family, is likely to turn on the Kesb. (sf)