On the hunt for criminals with the DNA-information? In criminalistics has long been the norm. 192’000 DNA Profiles of criminals are stored by the Federal government. Now Minister of justice, Karin Keller-Sutter (55) wants to go a big step further: The liberal Magistratin wants to allow the police, the DNA content to evaluate. In concrete terms, this means that offender-DNA should be analysed according to hair, eye and skin color.

The Federal Council’s Plan of the so-called Phenotyping prepared for the Swiss Federal data protection Adrian Lobsiger (58) abdominal pain. Compared with CH Media, he judged him to be “delicate”.

the case of Emmen, as an extreme example

Through the Parliament, a dig deeper: security politician Corina Eichenberger (64, FDP/AG) defended the plans of their Federal councillor to be “absolutely feasible, if you limit it to serious crimes of violence such as homicide and rape – and it is very clear, how long such DNA-data may be saved”.

you trust the police, “that you will deal responsibly with this sensitive information”. The terrible case of Emmen, in which a young woman was raped, and today, in a wheelchair, to lead us, “that we must exploit all the possibilities”.

SP-security politician Priska Seiler, count (50) warns. “We must be careful not to that we wanted to open with the DNA-Pandora’s box,” the Zurich-born.

she was “torn,” says Seiler count. We would have to allow the police in the most serious violence crimes, the content of DNA investigation. “But under extremely limited conditions. The data are likely to remain in no case be stored for longer periods, the risk of abuse is too great. I’m curious to see how councillor Keller-Sutter this balancing act in the DNA-imagines the law.”

SVP-Salzmann wants to break down DNA analysis to the mugshot for burglar

DNA is not only on skin color but on the entire appearance of the perpetrator of Werner Salzmann (56, SVP/BE), Chairman of the Security Commission of the national Council. “This will be the police. And not just for Violence, but also in the investigation of break-in series!”