The hosts of the Keiser Report look at the difference between Europe and America during the pandemic. In the Netherlands, workers are bargaining for the right to be reimbursed €2 per day for toilet paper while working from home.

The lockdown has shifted people’s relationships with their bosses and their companies, and how to account for costs, including for the toilet paper, Max says.

Stacy points out that in Europe, workers are fighting for their rights.  

Spain has obliged employers to pay for home office maintenance and equipment, Germany is debating a bill enshrining remote workers’ rights, as well as some other European nations that are considering relaxing rules on tax deductions for work-related equipment purchased during the pandemic. Meanwhile, the US passed a tax bill in 2019 to get rid of the tax deduction for things you have to buy from home for work.

“This is the beginning of a new era; it is going to look nostalgically to the era of the office and the water cooler and having lunch with their friends at work. That’s all apparently never coming back, I think,” Max says.

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