BVB goalkeeper Gregor Kobel (24) sends a clear challenge to FC Bayern and wants to finally hold something in his hands at the end of the season.

Keeper Kobel wants a title. Gregor Kobel, goalkeeper at Borussia Dortmund, wants something he can lift at the end of the season, he says in an interview with “Sport Bild”. He formulated exactly this claim a year ago. “We have to deal with the fact that it didn’t work out this year and learn from it. That doesn’t change my motivation at all.”

Short, compact, clear

BVB defense better than Bayern? When asked whether the new BVB defense is already better than the Bayern defense, he says: “If we concede fewer goals and have more points than they do at the end of the coming season, then we can talk about it again.”

Even without Haaland great: Does Haaland’s departure matter to him? “With Erling we are losing one of the best strikers in the world. We’ve all seen what he’s capable of. Nevertheless, we have great guys in the team and have had to show this season that we can win games without him. With the new ones, even more quality is added. It all looks very good on paper, now we have to implement it.