The singer is concerned about the prospects of teaching students in distance education.

She wrote in instagram, which is strictly against the idea to teach students remotely at the end of the quarantine.

“And are you happy with how students learn now your children on distance education? I am totally against! Don’t want my daughter educated via laptop or gadgets at home after quarantine!”, – she turned to her followers.

Followers replied Kate, they are definitely for the school, in its traditional version. But not worth to break a lance before the time the pandemic will take place, the mode of isolation will be lifted – and children go to school. Meantime, be a little patience.

“Kate, You realize this at the time of the pandemic. The school was, is and will be!” “Do you think teachers, like all others, is satisfied? NO! We also suffer from the inability to work fully, but understand that we need to endure and continue.”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the daughter said Katya LEL’s birthday — she turned 11 years old.

The singer shared with the subscribers of the social network touching family video, which sweetly congratulated Emilia holiday.

Publish from Katya LEL (@katyalelofficial) 2 May 2020 3:44 PDT