Kate moss

this year the traditional holiday 46-year-old Kate moss happened later than usual because of the pandemic coronavirus. The whole quarantine top model held together with a 33-year-old boyfriend Nikolai von Bismarck and 17-year-old daughter Lila grace in their home Cotswold hills, and soon after the lifting of some restrictions imposed due to the outbreak of dangerous diseases, immediately rushed to the sea.

these days Kate together with her lover, daughter and friends went to Ibiza. Yesterday all the friendly company they had the whole day out on a luxury snow-white yacht in open sea. Kate did a lot of sunbathing, swimming, jumped into the water right from the deck and seemed to not even notice that all this time is under the scrutiny of reporters. The star did not forget to devote time to her boyfriend and friends, and refused to do daughter few of beautiful pictures for instagram.

Kate moss with boyfriend Nikolai von Bismarck

by the Way, about a month ago in an interview with Elle, the model told, how was its isolation. Kate tried to follow the regime and do not forget about sports:

I go to bed at 11pm and before I sleep, watch Netflix. I handle stress with yoga. It helps me focus on the present.a couple of years ago Kate moss has done with his addictions, and began to take care of your health. The only “weakness” stars of today is Smoking.

I’m taking care of myself, I’m a good girl. I just go to bed, drink a lot of water, try to smoke less and reduce the amount of caffeine,

— Kate shared in an interview.

the Boyfriend of moss strongly supports the desire of the beloved. Nicholas and Kate have been together for over five years. During this time a couple repeatedly breaking up and getting back together, and the last time in their relationship at all and there is absolute harmony.