Jesper Nielsen and two members of the family are fined for the total button 1.2 million crowns for the illegal loans.

Erhvervsmanden Jesper Nielsen, better known as Kasi-Jesper is in march, been convicted in a case relating to illegal loans.

Jesper Nielsen, and two of his family members each have been sentenced to fines of 394.500 crowns.

The state prosecutor Helene Grant Herborg.

There was a busy illegal loans to more than 33 million dollars in a company, which served as the parent company for the family business and went bankrupt in 2017.

Prosecutor Helene Grant Herborg tells that the three members of the family Nielsen is sentenced to a little less fine than she had demanded.

the Prosecutor explained that she believed that the family Nielsen had paid the majority of the loans at over 33 million dollars back. But the court states in the judgment that all the loans were paid back.

Therefore, the fine was therefore slightly lower, explains the prosecutor.

Jesper Nielsen and the members of the family in the case denied the guilty.

According to bbc News, who covered the case in court, he explained, it was in connection with a sommerhuskøb in Mallorca, to a large amount of money was pulled out of the company.

He does not believe that there was given a loan of more than 33 million dollars to the family in 2009.

It was my understanding that it was the company who bought the cottage on Mallorca, he said in court and told that the cottage was used for company-related things, and that they paid in the region of four million euros.

– the Purchase was for the company’s sake, and it was not the intention, that it should be purchased for private use. We estimated that it would be a good business, although we had large expenses, said Jesper Nielsen, according to DR News.

the Verdict was handed down by the Court in Glostrup 12. march.

Kasi-Jesper and the two members of the family have appealed the judgment to the high court.

Jesper Nielsen is known for his fights against Taxes and to stand behind smykkevirksomheden Pandora. He was in 2010 mangemillionær, when he sold his share of Pandora.