Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

the Whole world continues to follow the family drama of the 39-year-old Kim Kardashian and 43-year-old Kanye West unfolded against a backdrop of the rapper on the U.S. presidency and his controversial sayings about her marriage with Kim. Today revealed new details of the story.

As they revealed to journalists of the edition TMZ over the weekend the couple along with their four children secretly flew out on a private island located off the coast of the Caribbean sea. To go on a family trip to Kim and Kanye decided hoping to deal with their problems in marriage, and to do it they decided away from the constant attention of reporters.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

This trip Kim and Kanye discussed during her visit to her husband in Wyoming last weekend,

— said the insider in an interview with the publication.

According to the sources, Kim and Kanye, along with the children housed on the estate, which resembles a fortress: it is located so that, to other people it is almost impossible to get close to him. The couple specifically chose such a safe place to focus on solving their relationship problems, not being distracted by constantly pursued by the paparazzi.

Kim Kardashian with children

According to rumor, Kim also called family trip a pastor that once crowned them with Kanye. The star hopes that the priest who is a close friend of Kanye, will help them solve the problems in the relationship and will be able to calm Kanye after an exacerbation of bipolar disorder.

we will Remind, last week it emerged that Kim and Kanye for a year does not live under the same roof: Kanye most of the time in Wyoming, while Kim, along with children living in Los Angeles. Despite serious problems in the relationship, the couple does not intend to divorce and does everything to keep the family together.