Kanye West admitted a billionaire

Experts, Forbes said that American rapper Kanye West became a billionaire. The as wife Kim Kardashian was estimated at $1.3 billion.

It is noted that the high status of the rapper appropriated after he’s revealed his financial statements. West did not agree with the experts, noting that long ago broke up with a millionaire status.

Not a billion and 3.3 billion dollars, because nobody in the Forbes can’t count. I showed them a check for 890 million dollars, and they still don’t call me a billionaire, — quotes the edition of the musician.

Earlier NEWS.ru reported that Kanye West has joined forces with the charity organization We are Women Empowered to provide food for those forced to stay in isolation for pandemic coronavirus and does not have the ability to stock up on food. Thanks to donations from West activists will be able three times a day to feed the residents of the South side of Chicago. In the area grew up artist.