Harry Kane will feel the development in Tottenham, if he is to continue playing the London club.

The English målmaskine Harry Kane has been on contract with Tottenham in his whole career, but everything can have an end.

In an interview with Sky Sports tells Kane that he does not stay in Tottenham at any cost. He will notice progress if he is to continue his work in the London club.

I have always said that if I do not feel that we are in progress or are moving in the right direction, I am not the type who gets to stay.

– I am an ambitious player who will improve me. I want to be one of the very, very best players, so it (if I, red.) depends on what happens with the team, and how it develops.

– So it is not certain that I will be here, but it is also not a ‘no’, says Harry Kane.

He has not yet tried to win a trophy with the club, but it was close to last season, when Tottenham lost the Champions League final to Liverpool.

– In some years we have said that the team can win trophies, but for one reason or another we have not been able to find it yet.

– It is hard to take as a player and person. I want to win in everything, I make up for. When you get close to, but not achieve it, it is hard to take, and it builds up, says Harry Kane.

He was injured in the run-up to the Premier League earlier in march was suspended because of coronakrisen.

Tottenham occupies a modest knight in the Premier League right now.