Kadyrov complained of Gazprom and the FSB

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov complained to the company Gazprom and the Federal security service (FSB), which, according to him, condone the activities of “information and subversive anti-Russian” newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”. This was the head of the Russian region wrote in his Telegram channel.

Kadyrov complained that he could not explain to his people why the “de facto state” “Gazprom” finances the activities of the newspaper, “corrupt journalists which receive awards in the West and in the United States.”

Such claims, the head of Chechnya presented and the FSB, in reproaching the intelligence Agency that it “panders to the activities of foreign agents” among the journalists of the newspaper, which is trying to hang on the Chechen people “shortcuts hardened criminals, medieval ignoramuses and Stranglers of freedom.”

“whatever happens, we have a legal right to the truth!” — summed Kadyrov, without specifying what kind of article “the New newspaper” has caused its discontent.

In February in Grozny was attacked on the journalist “the New newspaper” Elena Milashina and lawyer Marina Dubrovin. Unknown men and the women beat their hands and feet, removing all on camera. Milashina specializiruetsya on the investigations concerning the activities of the security forces in Chechnya. So, in July of 2019, it published an article stating that people caught during the wave of mass arrests in the country at the turn of 2016-2017, killed in the basement of the barracks of the regiment of the patrol-sentry police service named after Akhmad-Hajji Kadyrov in Grozny.

Chechen authorities all such charges in the address deny, calling them false.

At various times the control of the “Novaya Gazeta” attributed to various Russian businessmen and politicians. “Gazprom” in this context was not mentioned.