the Community is in many ways the key word in these days, where the authorities are asking us to show the community spirit.

And the community is something, Jytte Abildstrøm know a thing or two about. Since she was little, the today 86-year-old woman, has been a part of something bigger.

In the 1930s created her father in a commune in Vermont, and the way of living have a daughter led on:

“All places where I have lived, I have tried to make a community. It’s about unmerciful,” says the actress, whose unmerciful we will return to.

Jytte Abildstrøm live today in bofællesskabet Munksøgård in Roskilde. A group home worn by ecology and unity. A group home, as her son Lars, 20 years ago was to start.

Here continues the life – and the community – even if the world today looks different than it did just a few weeks ago.

“It’s no problem. We keep just distance. It is a big reason, and there is plenty of space. So we can sit in front of the community centre and drinking coffee with two meters of distance,” she says.

sometimes a week being made food in the community centre, but the fællesspisningen is dropped. Instead picks people food one by one and go home and eat.

The little organic shop, also located on site, has in these times extended opening hours, and the area residents so trade into – one at a time. And so spritter of both before and after the purchase, says Jytte Abildstrøm.

All in all made up the community in a time when the danes are asked to reside separately.

“I’m proud of the people who live out here,” says the actor.

She rejects, however, that the decommissioning of the country in many ways can be felt in the bofællesskabet.

“of Course we are wildly affected. But now I have been a christian my whole life, and as Katrine Lilleør also said it during his sermon the other day: Remember that it is joy that heals.”

Just the joy liable Jytte Abildstrøm by. A joy she is experiencing, when the conductor and tv host Phlllip Faber every morning at the DR sings the day started with the well-known Danish songs.

“It must he like to continue – also after this,” saith the ‘Flying grandmother’.

in General, it is evident that Jytte Abildstrøm sure to find peace and optimism in a time where the danes ‘ lives is set in a completely extraordinary situation. As she says, with reference to H. C. Andersen-the fairy tale of ‘Flax’.

“It can only go forward.”

It is exactly in the books, Jytte Abildstrøm in these days, to wisdom.

“I practice in rediscovering the wisdom. Right now genlæser I ‘A little book about the great virtues of André Comte Sponville, a French philosopher,” she says, and adds, that the wisdom is important, when she weekly lectures about renewable energy.

the Lectures are put on hold, while the corona-crisis, but it does not mean that Jytte Abildstrøm bored. When she’s not reading, meditating, she, drinking coffee and enjoying the spring sun. And so she talks with her guardian angel. She does every day.

“The spiritual is lost in the hubbub.”

All the ‘hubbub’ is now being challenged and put in perspective, says Jytte Abildstrøm, who believe that the corona-the eruption must be seen as a notice in relation to the way society works today:

“It is tragic that it was, there had to be, that the air at the moment is more beautiful because we are flying less, and that there is once again fish in the canals of Venice. It is a huge wakeupcall,” she says and continues:

“Now there is a power that has come into the world, and it will show us what the will with us. It is a message we get. It is tremendously. Really violently. But let us hope that the thoughtfulness and consideration, we are currently experiencing, does one thing or another, when we come out on the other side.”

She was experiencing that, particularly now with udskamningen of those who do not stick to the authorities ‘ recommendations, it is important that we remember to be good to each other.

“You should not mock the other. It is completely pointless. It promises not. Now to get people time to think about the things they have said to their neighbor.”

“We need to remember charity. Both opposite each other and the earth, air, fire and water,” reads the invitation from the actress, which concludes:

“I can only say: Faith, hope and love for future generations.”