Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber has dedicated a series of tweets the allegations of sexual harassment that allegedly happened in 2014. The artist presented in Twitter evidence of his innocence and promised to prosecute the author of the rumors.

“rumors are Rumors, but the allegations of sexual abuse I’m just so down I can’t. I wanted to comment immediately, but out of respect to the many victims who really were faced with this, wanted to make sure that you gathered enough facts for my statements,” explained the artist. He noted that less than a day ago in a new Twitter account with a female nickname came charges of the singer in the harassment allegedly occurred at the Four Seasons hotel in Austin, Texas, March 9, 2014.

Bieber confirmed that was in the city at this time with the concert, noting that it was never at the Four Seasons hotel. He published correspondence with the owner of the apartment I rented with friends, as well as pictures proving that he was with them and singer Selena Gomez, which at the time met.