The actor denies all charges and promises to look into this situation to end.

Justin Bieber denies allegations that he raped a woman in 2014, and plans to take legal action to establish the truth in this matter.

The woman, identified as Danielle, wrote Saturday night on Twitter that the incident occurred at the hotel Texas on March 9, 2014. The victim, which at that time was 21 years old, claims that Bieber sexually assaulted her after they had consensual kiss.

“I felt like I lost consciousness. I don’t want to go into the details of what happened next,” said the victim.

Bieber immediately decided to deny the accusation. According to the artist, during his career, he often dealt with the false accusations against him, but on this issue he decided to speak, after consulted with his wife and lawyers. As explained by the artist, the rumors always were, but allegations of sexual crime is already serious. Bieber said that the whole story is a lie, and complete, because Justin never even been in this hotel, when I presented evidence, said the publication Deadline.