Great effort it took the officials at least moved Tamara Vladimirovna with a disabled son in maneuverable Fund and otremontirovali its housing (see “Help comes with the newspaper”, “RG-Week” No. 287(7750) of 21 December 2018). In March, her pompous struck back: at the housewarming party came from the ranks of the administration with the flowers and photographer.

But after their departure it became clear that the apartment is not connected neither to heating nor to the gas, and the act of the work performed there are items that are more similar to the registration. All promised to finish and fix. And now, after two months we decided to see how life has changed pensioner. It turned out that practically nothing. To her once came to the brigade, which took the same from the yard of the abandoned building garbage. But radiators remain unconnected. Pipes to them is not even provided. No hot water to bathe, the old woman heats the saucepan on the stove.

the House is old, pre-revolutionary, so the apartment even in the middle of may the chilly. The electric meter is still not sealed, apparently, the pensioner is now counted in full. The light bulb in the hallway hung, and the switch output “forgot”. And so on. Wherever you spit – boorish, disregard for the elderly person.

“Why do you we just didn’t call?” – ask. “Yes, I’ve been immediately after your article called the administration and said that’ll do it, just so long as we never complained”, – with downcast eyes, explained the old woman.

there is only one question to the Rostov officials if after that experienced the woman, was not even ordinary human compassion, did not want to come and check out the results of their work? We will ensure that the apartment Gelaze made repairs, as the law requires, and hope that the head of the Kirov district and the head of administration of Rostov will take the case under his personal control.