South Korean side FC Seoul has been forced to apologize after it was revealed the mannequins they used to help fill seats in their empty stadium on Sunday were in fact sex dolls.

Seoul took on Gwangju in a behind-closed-doors matchup as the South Korean league resumed action under special COVID-19 measures at the weekend.

To make the stadium feel a little less empty, the club had placed a host of mannequins in the seats of the stands, with some even holding placards supporting the team.

But eagle-eyed fans watching the match on television spotted something was amiss as they flocked to social media to share their observations with fellow supporters.

“Just look at their breasts, they were four times bigger than those of normal mannequins,” one fan posted on the club’s official Instagram account.

Another said that it was “so obvious” that the mannequins were sex dolls and suggested that it undermined FC Seoul’s desire to “show games for all the family.”

The club itself issued a statement on Monday stating that the supplier that provided them with the dolls had explained that they were not “adult products” but

The club issued a statement on Monday apologizing for failing to double-check after the supplier had told them the dolls were not “adult products.”

“We wanted to bring some fun elements to the no-fans game and give the message that we can overcome this difficult period,” the statement read.

“We had confirmed that the mannequins were made as if they were real but had nothing to do with adult products.

“But the problem was we failed to make detailed checks, which is our fault without a doubt.”