the power of one of the Central districts of the Czech capital has decided to remove the monument to the liberator of Prague from the Nazis to Marshal Konev. The district authorities thus attempting to do politics. And here is the next small provocation — even at the city level. The square on which stands the building of the Russian Embassy in Prague, the proposed renaming of “chestnut” in the area of Boris Nemtsov. Offer to vote for the renaming was made by the mayor of Prague, zdeněk Grib.

it Seems there is no accident, but Boris Nemtsov certainly is not the main symbol of Russia. There is in Russian history and in the history of Russian-Czech relations, to put it mildly, and more prominent figures. Zdeněk Grib just offers the small stuff, keeping in mind something meaningful, although not what actually is. Just itching to do.

Relations with the Czech Republic, including the wisdom of President Milos Zeman, a good. So it is necessary to screw, provoking a response or what? To Russia, something the Czech Republic remembered. Maybe the plundering of Russia’s gold reserves, which miraculously appeared in the hands of the Czechs hundred years ago. When they treacherously betrayed Admiral Kolchak to the Bolsheviks, from the 500 tons of gold of the Russian Empire, the Admiral kept as the Apple of his eye, 182 tons was plundered by the Czechs. So, should we build today on the historical fact of a relationship?

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