At the edge of the field is shown Liverpool-coach Jürgen Klopp (52) is always full of emotions. Now the Ex-Dortmund reveals that it is a Video from a hospital and touched even to tears.

In an Interview on the website of his club Klopp talks about a Video, the employee clinic, the sing together the hymn of the “Reds”: “When you sang You’ll Never Walk Alone’, I had to cry immediately.”

Klopp: “It is unbelievable. But it shows everything.“ These people would put themselves in danger to help others: “I could admire and appreciate.”

he Also warns against egoism in times of Corona: “Before four or five weeks ago, it appeared that many countries, and thought:’ This is our Problem this is our Problem this is our Problem – we have a Problem with that. Now has shown us the nature that we are all equal, and we all have the same problems in the same Moment. To the solution, we need to work together.“