Almost 20-year-old, founded Jürg Marquard (73), the youth magazine “Pop” with a starting capital of 2000 francs. Early on it was recognized: The career and the Lifestyle of the dentist’s son from Urdorf ZH are exceptional. The warnings of his father, “you’d better Go to Uni to study!” he ignored. His goal: their own way inexorably go, never give up.

This is also a piece of advice that he wants to give his proteges, as an Investor in the show “die höhle der Löwen” (from next Tuesday at 20.15 clock on TV24) more. In addition to the will to succeed but it also needs brains. Therefore, his second piece of advice is: “It is for each business to check whether you are scaling it, and is able to authorize.”

Only conditionally it is possible to acquire but the most Important thing: the nose for Trends. Marquard feel for the needs of the audience is legendary. A hundred million francs in revenue he achieved by the end of the 1980s, with youth magazines such as “Pop/Rocky”, “girl” or “Popcorn” a year. He realized the dreams of youth, to the life of the Stars on the eyes. “Marquard is a great guy – adventurous, creative, and reliable”, attested to him 30 years ago Christoph Ringier, the former number one in the Swiss media.

Great success with women’s magazines

Marquard publishing business increased in 1981 with the sale of the German “Cosmopolitan” in size – “Playboy”, “Joy”, “Shape” came to be. Much of the success was always: Marquard knew the Show world is not just from hear say, he moved himself again. With the end of the 20 he bought a Rolls-Royce “also to my Relatives asked me at the family reunion, always, whether I earn any money with my “Heftli” to plug the mouth”.

His penchant for Lifestyle and luxury was also a strategy. “I’m already descended early in the best Hotels, although I couldn’t afford it at the time, actually. So I just took the cheapest room,” he says with a grin. So considered to be a sophisticated life-style and his penchant for Top Spots (Herrliberg, St. Moritz, Caribbean) were always part of a corporate calculus. Marquard in the middle of it was. He now works with Tablet and phone, anywhere in the world.

Marquard’s career is especially impressive, because he managed to early on something very Special: to take as a Newcomer walk countryside in a press, the big companies such as Springer, Bauer, Burda-dominated. Later, he became a pioneer in the East and managed, driven by his thirst for Expansion, ambition and hard work, also there is a Empire of Newspapers to build up.

His company to even more

“Try the next big thing” (searching for the next Trend), grow his Credo was always. At the Moment, he and his Team developed new business models. “We are trying to give us all the resources in new and larger Ecosystems to infiltrate. For example, in the Gaming-area, the soon to be 180 billion US dollars to implement.”

Always more, always more? “I was in every Phase of my life satisfied with what I had,” he says today. “I could not previously imagine, to live for ever.” Now Mister Pop business has only one goal: “I want to break up with my media group, which has shrunk in recent years due to the decline in the Print business, but also by the made part of sales to new horizons. You will be more successful and larger than it ever was.”

In “the cave of The lion’s Switzerland” (from Tuesday at 20.15 clock on TV24) struggling young entrepreneur to an Investment. The five lions are financial entrepreneurs Tobias Reichmuth, technology entrepreneur Bettina Hein, online trading expert Roland Brack, a Business-Apartment-pioneer Anja Graf and publishing Mogul Jürg Marquard.

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