Djamila Rowe has just been named the new jungle queen and has thus also prevailed against final opponent Lucas Cordalis. But now Rowe has also found out what he said in front of the camera in her absence and is anything but enthusiastic about it.

The new jungle queen is called Djamila Rowe (55)! In “I’m a star – get me out of here!” she prevailed against Lucas Cordalis and Luigi “Gigi” Birofio in the final – much to the delight of her fans. But she also appeared in an interview with “spot on news” pleased: “I’m doing fantastic. I’m slowly realizing that I’ve become the jungle queen. That was a bit difficult for me in the first few hours. I was completely overwhelmed with this situation.”

From the title she hopes “that even at my age I might be able to take place again in one or the other format, although I am now of a certain age where you are a bit over the top for many formats. But I think I’ve shown that even in old age you can still tear something,” said Rowe.

Back in Germany, she will see her beauty doc as soon as possible, as she frankly admitted: “The next appointment with the beauty doc has to work very quickly, because moving your forehead isn’t really possible. I think the time in the jungle pulled my botox out of me. I guess when I arrive in Germany, I’ll be with the doc about two or three days later,” says Rowe, who incidentally lost “six kilos” in the camp.

The EUR 100,000 prize money is not only spent on beauty treatments. On the contrary, the star shows his down-to-earth side: “Of course, the money is also for my daughter’s education later on. That means it won’t be shot up straight away, but I’ll handle it very carefully. But I’m also rather modest and stingy when it comes to stuff like that. I continue to get my groceries from discounters. I’m not going to completely freak out here.”

And Rowe has something nice in mind with the money: “I would like to grant a personal wish to each of my children. Maybe my daughter wants a new cell phone or a new computer or something? I will also ask my son if he has a heart’s desire.”

What she particularly wants is a holiday with her two children, which she has not been able to do so far because she is a single parent. “My plan is to fly to New York with both children. When my daughter is on vacation, she goes to a really nice hotel where we don’t have to worry about whether it’s three, four or five stars.”

Only one of the two children already knows about this happiness, because Rowe has only had contact with her daughter so far. “My daughter is local here in Australia. She’s super proud of me. Of course I immediately hugged her. I haven’t been able to talk to my son yet because I don’t even have my cell phone.”

When it comes to the personal highlight, Rowe goes right to the beginning of the show: “That was the jump out of the plane when we moved in. I think it was 3000 meters high. That was my highlight because I’m actually afraid of heights. I didn’t dare to ask or say anything, I don’t do it – and so I really went through with it without batting an eyelid.

But not only this one overcoming will remain in her memory forever. “I take a lot with me. Very very much. The jungle was a kind of therapy for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself. And I’ve grown a lot. The jungle gave me enormous strength. I would never have believed that a television format could have such an effect on a person.” The time was tough, she says. “I think you could see how hard I fought every day. Not just in the jungle “, but also with myself. And I take a lot of emotional strength and power with me. And I’m happy to pass that on to all the people who somehow have a dream and dare to realize this dream. I fought for ten years for this dream and I made it.”

Above all, Luigi “Gigi” Birofio has grown dear to her, says Rowe and adds: “I think he has also developed a lot in the last few days”. “He said he would come to Berlin and then I should invite him to a kebab. OK. Let’s do it,” said the jungle queen. She also wants to keep in touch with these former comrades-in-arms: “I will continue to be in contact with Claudia Effenberg, with Cecilia, Markus, Papis, Jolina.”

In summary, she also says: “Actually, I’m good with everyone, but I think there are still a few surprises waiting for me. I haven’t seen anything from the show yet. Haven’t heard anything yet. I’m still a complete virgin as far as that goes. I would like to research a few things here first.”

She probably also means a quote from Lucas Cordalis (55), which she was supposed to comment on in the interview without knowing the exact context. “Lucas said you didn’t know anything about things like family honor because you grew up in the home. What do you answer to that?” was the question. “I don’t know anything about that,” replied a stunned Rowe. “Disgusting statement, I think. I think he shot himself with that, didn’t he? What kind of statement is that? I did not know that. Now I understand some of the reactions from people as far as he is concerned. That’s what he said?” she followed, surprised.

Maybe that can be cleared up soon. Because after the final, the reunion of the jungle stars will follow on Monday (January 30th, 8:15 p.m.) on “I’m a star – get me out of here! The big reunion”. All jungle stars meet again in the tree house, they celebrate the jungle queen 2023 and look back on their time together Down Under. According to RTL, the “most incredible scenes” of this year’s season will be shown.

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