“Especially rainy was 4-th, 5-th and 20-th of June. 20 June flooded many streets and underpasses on South-East of the capital, and in the area of the MSU is just a half hour fell about 40 mm of rain. It is noteworthy that this is the second consecutive new secular record for precipitation, recorded in Moscow over the last two months.

last may were 169,5 mm, and he was also the wettest may in the history of observations of precipitation in Moscow, which were developed at the Moscow Imperial University in 1820,” – said leading researcher of the Department of meteorology and climatology of geographical faculty of Moscow state University Mikhail Lukashenko.

Also broken was another age-old record: the amount of precipitation in the capital for the first half of the year, for the first time in 200 years has exceeded 500 mm. According to Mikhail Lokoshchenko, 2020 is poised to become wettest year in the history of meteorological observations in Moscow. By far the greatest during the year, the rainfall (1016 mm at the rate of a little over 700 mm) was noted in 2013.

Abnormally snowless winter this year and as a result, inadequate soil moisture could lead to drought and peat fires in the Moscow region. But now, thanks to the abnormally wet weather of recent months, the probability of these hazards is minimized.