Stanislav Sadalsky has told about the quarrel of the June and Alla Pugacheva, which occurred during one of the feasts of the singer. Invited to visit juna realized the glass to the health of the hostess, and wished her “foot was happy in this house.”

Who knows what annoyed the toast Pugacheva, but she demanded to “throw away” Joon from her apartment, writes “Evening Moscow”.

Alla says: take her by the leg and throw from my apartment. Joon when he heard it, took the vase and put them on your head Hello, the vase broke. If you look carefully, Alla even the scar is there — said Sadalsky on your YouTube channel.

The actor added that June was a “bully” and told that his healer was introduced to Arkady Raikin. Subsequently, the June Sadalsky and became great friends.

Earlier reported that the composer and the author of the hit “the Raft” Yuri Loza told how once came to the reception to the famous Russian clairvoyant Juneau. According to the artist, she could not even correctly identify the diagnosis that his son did the doctors.