Although the Tourbaas, Christian Prudhomme, who now has spoken out against the Tour de France, people are teambazen Jumbo-Visma and the Sunweb is correct, however, to be a pared-down version of it.

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The French sportminister, Roxana Maracineanu, there is a lot of the French cycling race to take place, if necessary, behind closed doors. “Wouldn’t it be great if the Tour has to continue,” said Richard Plugge, managing director of Jumbo Visma. “If it’s safe, we’ll be able to have something on in the season,” and this is Sunweb-colleague, Iwan Spekenbrink is in it.

The Tour de France is the only major sporting event of the summer, and that is because of the coronacrisis has not yet been cancelled. The wielerbazen to wait for the developments, which raise questions as to the safety of the riders, unfair competition, and now does not exist in every country, the same guidelines will apply, and the signal, that is, a group of bike riders into our society.

The idea of a prime minister Maracineanu, no fans at the start and at the finish line, not podiumceremonies and reclamekaravaan, was mixed in February. Plugge’s make up. “Cycling is the sport with the hope, the expectation. People are looking forward to the races. If it’s possible, it would also mean that we have the virus under control, and we are once again ‘back to normal’ again.”

Photo: AFP < / P> “Let’s get it in there? Or if there is something else this year?”

now, Spekenbrink said that the team, and the regulatory bodies are the first to come out. “Let’s get it in there? Or do we make something of this season? Of course, if the government the green light to give. Then and only then, we can ask the question, in any form, for example, in the Tour’s race to be. At the current date? With or without an audience. Of course, the sport of cycling, a sport of the people. But the people on the sidelines, will be watching it on tv and the internet are still a couple of hundred million people all over the world.”

The occupational safety and health are of paramount importance, says Plugge, who, with his team early on in the crisis, the Paris-Nice bypassed. “It was a shame that the race went on. There were teams with the departure of the Tour to the United Arab Emirates came, and which later turned out to be that the infections were.”


But over the three months, that all changed. “The Tour will only go through if it is “safe”. If that is the case, but it should be public, that’s, that Prudhomme says yes. It would be a lot of people are having fun to deliver,” said Plugge, who is known as the middle of may, hoping to know what the plan is. “Want a Tour without the proper preparation, that is, it is also unhealthy.”

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