Julius Thalmann was just 24 years old when he said in 1984: The wars! He returned to the sport of Cycling to the back. “I was burned out, had health problems. And me the Chance to take home the farm offered.” Said and done. He renounced further took part in the Tour de Suisse or Tour de France. “Now my son makes a stop where I stopped,” said Julius Thalmann with a grin.

This son called Roland, is 25 years old and travels with the wheel-Nati his first Tour de Suisse. “A dream,” he says. At the same time, he explained: “three years Ago, I was supposed to start a clash with a student who went on the Bicycle snake line, prevented it.” At the time, he had suffered mentally. “I watched the race on TV and was completely empty. Finally, I was actually supposed to be in the midst of the riders!”

This is forgotten. “I want to show at the Tour de Suisse,” says the Entlebucher. This he did on the Chuderhüsi on the last Sunday, where he was placed. Even more impressive Thalmanns performance at the Tour of the Alps in April. He has finished ninth overall, notably ahead of Superstar Chris Froome (11.). “It’s something very special, not only because of Froome. I was proud of me.” His Effort found recognition. Julius Thalmann reveals that a World-‘ve knocks Tour-Team. “We had conversations,” he says.

On the question to Roland’s largest quality Julius says: “He is in the head much stronger than me.” Roland responds sheepishly: “I’m just working to be reputable and consistent. The more I question myself, if it is not running. But I’ve learned that a bad classification no end of the world.”