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I thought it was to come up with and much people, ” says Julie Marie Wahl.

NRK to come in and chat with her when she stops to take a picture of the queue outside the Vinmonopolet at the Colosseum at Majorstua in Oslo.

Bestemora mi died of koronaviruset two weeks ago, I have not dealing so much since then, she says.

Wahl prays at the two posar with recyclable bottles.

I was going to recycle them, but I dropped it since there were so many people here.

CHECKOUT: the General manager in the Menu, the Colosseum in Oslo describe the påskeaftan as a challenging day, but that the good control that the customers keep distance.

Photo: Hans Ivar Moss Kolseth / NRK Queue and vektarar

the Queue outside the shopping centre is long since the Monopoly has introduced a limit of thirteen people in the store at a time.

the People in the queue keep a good metre distance. But, at the entrance to the mall is the occasionally narrow for space.

On the Menu directly below, there are several people who are.

the ENTRANCE: By grønnsakshyllene at the entrance to the store was the occasionally narrow and the NRK visited the shop Saturday.

Photo: Hans Ivar Moss Kolseth / NRK

Wahl thought it was too narrow and difficult to keep distance to the others.

I thought it was to come up with and many people, especially many old people, ” says Wahl.

– First tried I to walk large circles around the people inside of the store, but I got to just take a package of frozen raspberries and nothing of what I should have.

She decided me to come back when there were fewer people.

“When I saw how many people there were here, decided I me to cook dinner I have at home,” says Wahl.

A hard day

the General manager at the Menu at the Coliseum centre, Ronny Kvammen tells that påskeaftan is particularly challenging due to shorter opening hours, and other people’s.

He think they after the conditions have had good control of the crowd in the store.

We had vektarar that stood at the entrance as out from every shop square meters had control of how many tenants, users who were inside the store, ” he says.

Kvammen tells that customers generally keep a good distance inside the store.

But I see that there is any area of the store how customers gather to a greater extent. When it may seem as though it is a little trongare in the store than it is, ” he says.

NARROW SOME PLACES: the General manager by the Menu at the Coliseum centre, Ronny Kvammen tells that the customers gathered closer some time in the shop.

Photo: Hans Ivar Moss Kolseth / NRK

Matvarebutikken closed at 16.00 on Saturday instead of at 22.00.

It did that several tenants, users came at the same time, tell Kvammen.

– today we had to close at four o’clock. It made it a difficult day, but most of the customers were great to show consideration and keep a distance, but it is, of course, any man that could shown a little more consideration, says Kvammen.

– How will they work to prevent congestion on the stadane how it will gather up more tenants, users in the future?

– today is a special day. This will solve itself when we go back to normal opening hours and be much better for a week, says Kvammen.

He underlines that many of the customers have been good and taken påskehandelen early in the year.

– Suddenly very personal

Julie Marie Wahl explains that she always has taken the status and rule of the most serious.

After that mormora abruptly died, began she to be frustrated over those who do not do the same thing.

It was suddenly very personal, more sårande and frustrerande.

Mormora to Wahl was 87 years of age. The family wishes not that NRK shall use the name and image of the mormora in this case.

the Grandson telling the story to her, so that more to understand viktigheita of complying with the rules and that one quickly can become badly sick.

Mimi felt never properly sick, she was cold and frozen and a little tungpusten, and tired, but she would not even have a tylenol, ” says Wahl.

She recalls that sjukdommen can happen to anyone and that several younger and became increasingly dishevelled has been in intensive care for koronavirus.

They became increasingly dishevelled as want less strict measures and who would rather isolate those who are older and sick must remember that we and beskyttar them to have “lockdown”, says Wahl and follows up:

– You can still be badly sick, if you are younger than they that be counted as a part of the risikogruppa.

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