the 47-year-old Julia, along with her 82-year-old husband, Andrei Konchalovsky lives in a country house at Nikolina Gora, where she enjoys all the pleasures of life in nature. Despite the fact that the summer is coming to an end, the actress is in no hurry to say goodbye and catches the last warm rays, stocking up on vitamin D before the prolonged winter. Today she posted on instagram a picture in a bikini — the good weather has finally improved, and became warm and even hot.

How to check female friendships? Ask a friend to take a photo,

— has signed a snapshot Vysotskaya.

However, members of Yulia noted not so much the talent of the photographer, how beautiful the shape of the actress, who in any angle it will look equally great.

Slim, curly and adorable. br>
Figure — fantastic. br>

— do not hide the admiration subscribers Vysotskaya.

the star repeatedly demonstrated that she leads a very active lifestyle, but also admitted that is a fan of Ekadasi — fasting, which should be made on the eleventh day after the full moon.

By the way, yesterday the star celebrated his birthday. But instead of holiday snaps from the celebration she shared an archive photo from childhood and fell in love with your family members.

Mommy, thank you! My children, thank you! My favorite is the only man, thank you! I love you forever, let’s live forever!

she wrote.

But Andrei Konchalovsky shared romantic photos with the birthday girl from zocoronline times touching and congratulated her with birthday.

From Yulia’s birthday today. Since we met, every August we are on our honeymoon — honeymoon in pure form. And sometimes between Augusta too. Congratulations!

he said.