Among those arrested in the Reichsbürger raid are AfD judge Birgit Malsack-Winkemann and Prince Heinrich XIII. Reuss some more familiar faces. More and more details are emerging about the members of the terrorist gang planning a coup.

It is one of the biggest terror proceedings in years: the police smashed up a terrorist Reichsbüger group in a large-scale raid on Wednesday. The terrorist gang is said to have planned a political coup in Germany. So far, 54 people have been charged, with 25 people arrested on Wednesday.

Some well-known faces are also among the arrests, such as former AfD member of parliament Birgit Malsack-Winkemann and Prince Heinrich XIII. Reuss, but also ex-soldiers and police officers.

This man was to become head of state in Germany after the overthrow: 71-year-old Prince Heinrich XIII. Reuss. As leader of the terrorist gang, he is said to have played a central role in planning the coup. The conspiracy theorist and scion of a Thuringian noble family has long been known for his crude worldview.

His family, the Princely House of Reuss, distanced itself from the prince’s political views this summer and announced that he had left the family association years ago.

The former AfD member of the Bundestag Birgit Malsack-Winkemann should become Minister of Justice in Reichsbürger Germany. After leaving the Bundestag in 2021, she returned to the bench at the Berlin district court the following year.

The Senate Department of Justice then tried in vain to remove her from the judiciary: She had “excluded refugees and belittled them because of their origin” via social media platforms and also made obviously false claims about refugees.

In addition to the “Reichsbürger Minister of Justice”, Birgit Malsack-Winkemann, the lawyer Tim Paul Gorgass was to become foreign minister in the planned Reich. The task of the health minister should come to Melanie Ritter, an internist from Lower Saxony.

The leader of the group’s military arm is apparently Rüdiger von Pescatore: he is said to have set up a command staff that took care of recruitment, procurement of weapons and target practice. From 1993 to 1996, Pescatore was commander of a parachute battalion, an elite paratroop force. Pescatore was dismissed from the Bundeswehr at the time because he had sold weapons from the GDR army stocks.

The former Bundeswehr colonel is a founding member of the so-called “elite unit” Special Forces Command (KSK). In recent years he has repeatedly appeared as a corona denier at demos to declare war on “the vaccination mafia”.

The Hanoverian Michael Fritsch is also no stranger as a lateral thinker and former police officer: Fritsch had spread conspiracy theories, compared corona measures with Nazi methods and applied for a new passport in which he stated “Prussia” as his country of birth. Police removed the lateral thinker officer from duty earlier this year.

Peter Wörner used to work for the elite unit “Kommando Spezialkrafte” (KSK) and is also said to belong to the Reichsbürger military staff. Wörner is said to have had contact with the “United Patriots” who wanted to kidnap Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach. Police found firearms and ammunition at his home in April.

Other members of the terrorist gang’s military staff are said to be ex-AfD city councilor Christian Wendler, Frank H., Thomas M., Wolfram S. and Marco v. h. There should be another group for the implementation of the military strategy, consisting of Harald Pfizer, Norbert G., Markus H., Matthias H. and Ralf S.

And an active member of the KSK elite unit is also among those arrested: Andreas M. is a non-commissioned officer at the KSWK Calw in Baden-Württemberg. The GSG 9 searched his room in the barracks in Calw. He should also be involved in the implementation of military strategy.

The terrorist gang met at Prince Heinrich’s hunting lodge in Thuringia to make plans for a putsch. The leader Prince Henry XIII. Reuss had already planned negotiations with Russia for the period after the overthrow.