Cycling is Also a three-time winner of Paris-Roubaix are the tough days. In the absence of Helleklassieker looked at for Johan Museeuw in the us, at what is still to come. “If we don’t have the Monuments and the grand tours, more than I fear for the world.” Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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How to fill in for Johan Museeuw in this moment? With a bicycle, of course, or what did you think of that? The 54-year-old Gistelnaar this week, more than 850 miles on the clock. “It’s my way of release. I’ve got the rest of it is nothing to do. It has been weeks that I have with people, and am on your bike. A lot of groups. A lot of it in stores, VIP statuses, and so on. Today I went to use the 2,000 invited guests at the Carrefour de l Arbre have been.”

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“Now I am alone with my son Stefano. We have the whole day to depend on each other. From the breakfast until the evening when a glass of red wine. For the rest, do you see anyone, or do you try not to see it. A quick visit to the store, which is weird. If you have a shuttle bus service is attempted, then you are standing there about 5 feet from each other. Then you start to think about it. So, what is this, what is going on? I only have one word to say to the world, is located on the dock.”

Museeuw does, just like a lot of others with the cyclists, and former co-workers via social media. “We are so fortunate that we are allowed to cycle. I am in contact with people from abroad, and they are each and every day, at the front of the apparatus. That is, it is hard to keep up. I don’t know what I put in my time and in this period of time, it would have responded. You’re in for hours of building, the shape is good, in January and February, and then in the eneens ‘tjak’ at all.”

I would opt for the certainty of the Landmarks to visit. These are the games that people are currently out they would come.
Johan Museeuw