“I cough, still, you can hear. The doctor says, it is reminiscent of pneumonia, so I’ve locked myself inside. I take all measures and has the full ‘Star Wars’mask on, when I go out with the garbage.”

Joey Moe scratchy over the phone.

just Like the rest of Denmark, the 34-year-old pop star right now affected by the overriding coronasituation, and then helps it not to be smoked on antibiotics in the middle of it all.

“I have not been seeded for the COVID-19, so I will not be able to say whether it is the. I do not have any of the other symptoms, and I’m happily in recovery, but in addition to my family, I see no right now. As in at all, no,” he says to B. T.

As the prime minister Mette Frederiksen 11. march Denmark closed down, it started ticking in with messages in Joey Moe’s inbox from concerned fans.

He was even sick and stuffy and did not know how he in the first place to react.

“A week inside, in lockdown, I sat with all the messages from people who were scared and restless. Should I write back about how I even had it? I would like to be able to help.”

Joey Moe tells that he himself is afraid of coronasituationen.

First he had hurt himself, but he could see how the crisis affected everyone.

“What will be the impact of this? The uncertainty makes me scared. Suddenly you are afraid on behalf of one’s children, for one’s country. During the financial crisis I felt nothing, for I owned not really matter, and people just had to get out in the discos and hear ‘Yo-Yo’ (Joey Moe-hit from 2009, red.). This is the opposite of hard to see to the end.”

Inspired by the many fanbeskeder put Joey Moe himself coughing in front of a ‘cheap hjemmemikrofon’ and let the mind flow, and with the help of producer Kasper Falkenberg, who got sent the files back and forth, was the song ‘Restless’ quickly in the box.

“It should not be ‘Afraid’, for people should also have no hope with on. I myself am very restless, and the word went again in the messages I received. Instead of answering all of my followers in the mail, they get the song, where I tell that I’m just as scared as they are.”

Joey Moe adds with a laugh, that he has family in Jylland, which in the beginning seemed indifferent about the whole thing and only understood the gravity, as the european football championship was also canceled.

“It affects us all. I irks me when, for example, also that I for the time should have been out performing with Faustix.”

He adds:

“Right now I just sit around and work pissehårdt every day at home, where I have never had so many hours in a day, and awaiting so, what Mette (Frederiksen, eds.) says I need to do.”

He sends by the same token, a praise to the prime minister and the public system.

“I complain never of the highest tax bracket again, for now it works here country fucking.”

Joey Moe also adds that he, despite pneumonia and self-hjemmeisolation on Amager fortunately, his wife and his son for almost five years to be together with.

“We have fun, and when we can see that our son is delightful, so is our task completed. He just think it is cool that we can stay home and draw and make music.”