He has won a week ago, the Swiss film prize. She has to accept the same trophy two years ago: Now, Joel Basman (29) and Marie Leuenberger (39) for the first time together in front of the camera. The two Stars of the blockbuster “the clouds break” (2018) and “The divine order” (2017) are the main actors of the “Stürm: Until we are dead or free”, the first feature film about the St. Gallen fugitive king Walter Stürm (1942-1999). “He is one of the most fascinating figures of the more recent Swiss history,” says Basman. “For many, something of a legend is rushed in even!”

Walter Stürm comes in 1942 as the son of a wealthy Industrialist in Goldach SG to the world. At 20, he is due to the sale of stolen cars for the first time offenders. It is a criminal career, as has Switzerland never to be seen. Stürm robs banks, gets arrested, it’s moving too much out of prison and goes on raids. When asked where he kept his loot, he replied: “There, where all the others: to the Bank. Only the accounts are not in my name.”

“I’m the Easter eggs

Between 1974 and 1995, are looking for” can rushed eight Times (!) escape from prison. And provides is often for big Smile in the population. As he disappears, for example, at Easter in 1981 from the prison in Regensdorf, ZH, he leaves a note with the words: “I’m looking for the Easter eggs, rushed in.” In a further run, he stays behind on purpose, in order to connect to a guard, the other a fugitive with a knife injured Hand.

“By such actions Stürm stuck soon a kind of Robin Hood Image, which earned him great popularity,” says Director Oliver Rihs (47), who has landed the Comedy “Achtung, Fertig, WK!” already, in 2013, a blockbuster.

Strong woman behind the legend

“not rushed: Until we are dead or free”, but just the life of the fugitive king, who took in 1999, in prison life, but focuses especially on Stürms complex relationship with the lawyer Barbara Hug (1946-2005), of the then best-known criminal defense lawyer in Switzerland. Hug fought for almost twenty years for Stürms freedom, they needed him at the same time, but for her own political commitment against the Rich and Powerful. “She was the strong woman behind the legend Walter Stürm,” says Marie Leuenberger who plays Hug.

With a Budget of 4.6 million Swiss francs will be “rushed: Until we are dead or free” is the probably the most expensive Swiss Film of the year. He should come by the middle of 2020 in the cinemas. “Rushed in and Hug were a weird Duo, and that’s what makes them so appealing for the big screen,” says Oliver Rihs.