22 years in federal prison was tv personality Joe Exotic from the popular documentary series ‘Tiger King’ was sentenced in the series ‘ last title.

Now, getting the judgment may be eased.

It writes TMZ.

But first, a little baggrundsinfo, that will help you to understand why.

Joe Exotic has owned a zoo filled with tigers in the UNITED states. The same makes a woman by the name of Carole Baskin. They have always been enemies, because Carole Baskin is not happy that Joe Exotic breeder tigers – she does reportedly not.

Therefore decided Joe Excotic some years ago, that he would pay someone to beat her to death. Here comes Allen Glover into the picture, who work for Joe Exotic, he still had his zoo.

He paid him 3000 dollars, but Allen Glover chose to travel with the money. He has not, therefore, killed Carole Baskin. She is living yet.

And now we are back to the possibility of a relaxation.

It turns out that Allen Glovers testimony has some holes, as Joe Exotic can take advantage of. Despite the fact that the two men were far from good friends.

Because, according to Joe Excotic himself, so he paid Allen Glover to go away – not to beat Carole Baskin to death. And there is no evidence that any of the two men speaks the truth.

at the same time Allen Glover several times expressed, that he would wish that he could do more than just witness to make Joe Exotic evil.

And in addition it is reported rumors that Joe Exotic should have available a myriad of people, up to 50,000 u.s. dollars to beat Carole Baskin to death. Several of these persons should, according to TMZ think that Joe Exotic is not meant it, when he asked them the question and offered them the money.