The caption read, “Meet our newest Biden.”

The video shows a playful puppy running up to the president and saying, “Hey, buddy.” How are you? What are you doing?

As the clip ends, the words “Welcome home Commander!” appear. It shows the German shepherd having fun with his new owners.

The clip shows Commander running around with Biden and Jill Biden. As Commander is surrounded by colorful Christmas decorations, Biden appears as if he’s teaching Commander to sit.

In this photo, Commander runs on the White House lawn. It was released Dec. 20, 2021. @POTUS/Twitter

Six months after Biden and his family lost their German shepherd Champ, the new pet of the president arrives.

“Our hearts are heavy today, as we let you know that Champ, our beloved German shepherd, has passed peacefully at home,” the White House stated at the time. “He was our faithful, cherished companion over the last 13 years. He was loved by the entire Biden Family.”

He continued to say, “He loved nothing better than curling up at our feet at night in front of the fire, joining us in comforting presence at meetings or lying in the White House gardens.”

According to another Secret Service official, Major, a 3-year old rescue named Major, bit a Secret Service agent in March. It was an “extremely minor” incident.

Major was moved to Delaware by his family after the injury. Champ was being taken care of by Wilmington family members at the same time.

Later that month, the dogs returned to Washington.

Michael LaRose, Jill Biden’s press secretary, stated to NBC News that Major was trained in Delaware during his time there before he returned to Washington, D.C.

Major, who was adopted by the family in 2018, was the first rescue dog to be allowed into the White House with the Bidens. He was adopted by the Delaware Humane Association and fostered by his family.