Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has instructed the ministries by September to develop ways to improve the chances of graduates of secondary vocational and higher educational institutions to obtain employment. Against the background of rising unemployment in the country officials, in particular, is mandated to optimise the channels of communication between alumni and employers on the basis of recruiting organizations and also to find more efficient ways of “geobotany” yesterday’s students in professional skills.Until the end of summer the Ministry of labor, Ministry of education and the Ministry of education needs to develop measures that will help to employ graduates of colleges and universities have issued the relevant instructions to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. This summer, ratings agencies, the labour market will be released about 1 million graduates of these institutions, of which 738 thousand will have secondary vocational education, and 267 thousand higher. Against the background of unemployment in the country, grew out of the epidemic and quarantine to 6.1%, employment of young shots can be more difficult than in previous years, despite the fact that earlier, according to Rosstat, the unemployment rate in the category of 19-25 years was at least twice higher than the average.As follows from the text of the instructions, the government considers the main methods of support of employment of graduates more effective communication with prospective employers, as well as the acquisition of practical skills needed for specific jobs. Therefore, the Ministry of education jointly with the Ministry of labour needs to offer new variants of use of services of employment centers and a unified database of vacancies for employment of graduates and to ensure the interaction of career centers and employment in higher education, regional employment services and employers. Ensure that the graduates can acquire professional skills, agencies have been instructed to find new ways to organize departments, provide practical training of students. Ministry of education together with the Union “Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia)” will launch a program of vocational training and additional professional education. Apply for training will be on the portal “Work in Russia”, ibid Ministry of labor will place a list of best practices of regions and employers to organize training of future graduates. More agencies together will update the list of the 50 most popular, new and emerging occupations that require vocational education.Instructions are provided purely organizational measures. The Ministry together with the Ministry of education and the Ministry of education will assess whether it is possible to analyze the process of employment of graduates on the database of the Pension Fund. Departments should consider ways of gathering information about the careers of graduates, place of employment and its change within the first useabout the year of employment. In addition, governors will need to take under personal control a situation on regional labour markets, especially in terms of employability of graduates of orphans.Perhaps planned government measures can help the employment of graduates part — as follows from the analytical report “the Lessons of the stress test: the universities in terms of the pandemic and after it”, prepared by a large group of researchers at the initiative of the Ministry of education on the isolation of training from the requirements of the labour market complained of 41%. Employers this opinion was shared by almost all — 91%. Note, however, that in conditions of “falling” of the labor market — the number of working-age Russians annually reduced by several hundred thousand people — employers could invest in training new staff on their own or with little participation of the state in this process.Anastasia Manuylova