Everyone wants to stand with his application as the front-runner. Clearly, some flunkert this time with a particularly good performance, or hiding previous offenses. And in some cases not even wrong.

“I want to allow in the next years, no children”

This lie is, in fact, and even on a legal Basis. Why? Because your future employer would discriminate against you, if the pregnancy would be a reason for Rejection. In addition, equality plays a role here, because men are rarely asked whether they want to be a father.

“I have no children”

The question of existing children on the part of the employer, however, is allowed. Finally, you will receive allowances partly children, and this rules of the company. In addition, it would probably be detected sooner or later anyway, if you take in the school holidays and all of a sudden to the child’s doctor must race.

“I made a training”

No training done, and to conceal this, is not allowed. All of the questions on your professional career, and thus also to the training allowed the employer and must be answered honestly.

“I believe no criminal record”

Hardly, but it’s true: you will Be asked for a criminal record, you are allowed to lie to you. However, it is important to note the profession, because increased responsibility will likely check your criminal record. Therefore, it is worthwhile to play from the beginning with open cards.

in Addition, is of importance, in which area you are applying for. You want to get a cashier job, is allowed offences to assets, as a driver for traffic violations, will be asked. If the entry in the criminal record has already been deleted, it must not be concealed.

“I, my party and I’m very religious,”

select always If the prospective employer asks what party or Religion they belong to, are not allowed to answer you’re fibbing, or the question simply. This information is not jobrelevant, with the exception of one setting at a Church or in the policy, definitely.

“I’m as healthy as a horse”

you Have diseases or disabilities, so they may conceal these in the interview. However, you should previously ask whether it would not be better, the facts on the table. Finally, you have specific rights that you could possibly need during employment or at the latest upon termination.