Jessica Simpson

next week, Jessica Simpson will celebrate round date, the singer and actress will be 40 years old. Shortly before the celebration, the star decided to dismantle the wardrobe to look at their old stuff, which she wore over a decade ago. In the process, Jessica found an old pair of jeans and was surprised to find that I could easily try them. Simpson admitted that the last time you wore them when she was only 26 years old.

I kept those old jeans in the closet for 14 years, and I’m not exaggerating! In the last days of my 30, I decided to give them another chance. Hi, my 40, very nice to meet you,

— signed photo of Jess.

Jessica Simpson

After the birth of her third child in March 2019 Simpson really lost a lot of weight and is now in great shape. A year after the birth, the star dropped 45 pounds and now proud to say that once again feels herself. To leave you have accumulated during pregnancy weight Jessica helped special diet, normalization of sleep and regular exercise.

coach of the stars Harley Pasternak did not use a radical approach in losing weight and tried to find his ward a comfortable diet and training. Classes at the gym Jessica replaced walking for 14 thousand steps a day. The Simpson’s diet mainly consisted of protein foods and vegetables. Diet star not included Cicely, but the coach is sometimes still allowed Jessica to please yourself with something tasty.

the Goal was not to deprive her of the favorite food, and to make significant changes to her diet, so she during the day, ate a lot of protein and vegetables. So, Jessica was eating three times a day, also had two snacks (green beans with Parmesan and a handful of almonds),

— said Pasternak about nutrition Simpson.

Harley said that the main objective of Jessica was not only to lose weight quickly, but to fix the result forever, and to form the correct habits.

she said She wants to look gorgeous, confident and energetic. The main thing — to stay in this form forever. It was her main goal,

— said the coach.

Jessica is very pleased with the result of weight loss, but is clearly not going to stop there. The star regularly shares instagram photos and videos from training in the caption to which tells that especially getting up before your children to exercise and make time for yourself. Simpson encourages to follow her example and its users: in the view of the stars, the sport not only helps to keep yourself in shape, but also has a positive effect on mental health.

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